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QuickZoneCanada is a site dedicated to the taboo subject of woman sinking in quicksand. You see it in the movies, comic strips, and read about it in novels and if your lucky you may of had anexperience of your own while out on a hiking trip or wilderness adventure. Quicksand is found all over the world and is far from being rare by any means, wherever water is found quicksand is sure to be lurking near by. QZC takes a in depth look at locations found around Canada and hosts a wide variety of information about this once thought to be mythical topic, there is a lot more to locating quicksand then just driving around looking for a patch of mud and QZC can help take the guessing out of the adventure and put actual results into your season. When the site was started our intentions were to share every tid bit of information collected over the past 15 years but due to bandwidth issues and storage capacity of our old server we were limited to how much we could share, and once again we have found our selves back in the same boat again. Our hosts at Tripod keep things very limited and yes there is the annoying pop up’s listed with each page, we are only using this server until we settle a deal with a new Canadian company and it’s in the works as we speak. All we ask is that you appreciate what we do and understand that we are doing this for free without a fee unlike other sites out their, and yet we will still have to fork out a hefty monthly sum to keep the site up and sharing with every one..


The new site should be up and functional within a month and will more then meet our needs, the graphics will be intense the pictures will be high res and updates will be weekly, not to mention the new high tech look being built as we speak with an out of this world navigation system. QZC will take quicksand website’s to an all new level, if you thought we did it before with QZOL then wait till you see what we have in store for QZC, like the old saying goes if it is worth doing then it is worth doing well. I only wish we could maintain the same attitude with the present provider but unfortunately the site builder used to create QZC in Tripod has a lot of limitations and keeps us within the "boring" range of site creation. If it wasn’t for the sexy Samantha this site would be a text book, you will find her images within the navigation bar located next to some of the best links around for the serious quicksand enthusiast Be sure to drop us an email and let us know what you think and don’t be shy with your ideas for the site after all the site belongs to the community and only the community can make it better.

Images updated February 28th 2005

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