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Links to the best in QS

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Links to the best in QS

Mud Puddle Visuals is one of the originals to still be around on the net
they are on there eleventh year and still runnig, they offer several sites
to visit under the same management. They sell top quality video's and
the ladys are to die for, make sure to stop in

Most of you have herd of the sexy Kristine whos sinking adventures go
several years back and she has been seen all over the net well now you 
know where her home can be found

Click here to go to Kristines home

Mud Lover is a guy who explores and hunts for his locations
and by the looks of things he is usualy lucky with his finds
for a while the site only displayed himself in quicksand but
you will find he has added a sexy fem to his page, worth the

Click here to go to Mud Lovers home page

Looking for information on anything and everything quicksand
the this is the site for you. Just about every topic is covered and
it's free to join, the whole community is there.

Click here to go to Deep Sinking

Now here is what I call a sexy sinker , no other then Pamelarose
her self and now you have the keys to her front door

Click here to go to Pamelarose's site

Now this site looks great however it is a pay per view site,
but the topics aree fresh and the ladys are hot. The site
contains woman in deep clay or quicksand and most are
in bondage (nice mix) take a look

Click here to go to Muddygirlies

ArchEnemys is a great site loaded with non stop sexy ladys,
some sinking in quicksand or clay. The videos are for sale
 but everyone has a sample to take a peak at.

Click here to go to ArchEnemys

I found this site a little over a yaer ago and to be hounest it's well
worth taking a look at. Mind you it displays a male in quicksand
with no females but I guess this site is for all you ladys out there

Click here to go to Quicksand Kerry's page

Kaol is one of the originals in the community sharing photos,
videos, and movies and so much more, if anything he is an
insperation on the rest of us.

Click here to go to Kaol's page

If you are looking for stories or information about the Quicksand
Fetish then head over to Jiminy Thicket's home page, It's worth
the read.

Click here to head to Jiminy Thicket's home page

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