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Who we are

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Who we are
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Curious about who we are ?

As hosts of the site we have a total of 21 years on the subject, Samantha has 6 and JC has 15 together we make a great team. In the summer we live for the outdoors and the northern country. We spend our summers canoing and camping the back woods of Muskoka Canada and as a rule we usualy end up loaded to the teath with toys, most of them are QS based .....well at least when I bought them thats all I was thinking about. We use the new age in 2 way radios, with fresh batteries we can get an 8km range. Alot of our inspection trips are at dusk do to low traffic and can run through the night, so we went out and bought a night vission unit, I'm usualy the one out in the woods woundering around with them on.
We bought a new canoe this year it is so lite .....around 40lbs great for a portage

We have intentions of buying another digital video camera our last one didn't meet our standards while filming outdoors. We have purchesed a new Canon powershot that seems to do the trick, last year we where using a 3.2 Fuji it was nice but very bulky and didn't fit into our water proof box. Some more new gear is in store for this year and I hope the season is good to us.


Sinking in the shores of the Black

The water is cold !

Sinking in the shores of the Black on a cold spring day. The water table was high at this point in the season keeping the banks saturated

Some Of Our Favorite Locations

Algonquin Provincial Park
This place is huge it's 7725 squar kilometers
of pure bush country when you look at a map
of Ontario it takes up a large portion of it. It
is paked full of a 1000 different canoe routes all
unpopulated with hundreds of swamps and bogs
at the right time of year the mud along the side 
of the highway makes you want to stop and 
check it out. Deeper in the bush with the canoe
you will experience just about every type of QS
available do to the glacier melts and run offs 
Arrowhead Provincial Park
This is a beautiful park by far I give it a ten every
thing is perfect, right at the foot of the park is a
river system called the Big east river, it is nothing
but sand banks and water soaked sand bars, I found
several locations while on the one trip I did, last
summer. I had a time frame to cover 16kms in 6
hours so I was only able to stop a few times and
every time I did I struck gold. I had to keep going
to bee picked up at my pick up point, I planed to
there for 11pm and that I did, Night vission comes
in handy.
Bell Bay Provincial Park
Located on the shores of bark lake this park is not
all that much of a park but it contains a black
ash swamp and has a few sinking areas I
think it was hindering on the time of season
Duclos Point
This is a large swamp located along the shore  
line of Lake simcoe on the south east side, in
mid summer towards the end of the season this
area drains and reveals it's saturated soils just
above the water line. Great location but some
of the areas cottages create alot of water traffic.

I will be adding more of our locations as time goes by.